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urgently needed East Siberian Pacific Oil (ESPO) 2m bbls 2022-11-26

My seller have two vessel's sailing on China/Korea water's now loaded with 100,000 MT of D6 & EN590 each, we are currently looking for another buyer company to take over this vessel's from initial buyer who couldn't perform again, The seller wishes to resell this product's to another capable buyer immediately without no further delay. for more details: a.val@internet.ru

>> Ms. Jenny Wong, Golden Miles RE Pty Ltd

urgently needed East Siberian Pacific Oil (ESPO) 2m bbls

Dear Sir/Madam,

We urgently require the above referenced products strictly according to the procedure below:
The seller needs to have a bank account with HSBC and not any other bank.

Transaction Procedures:
1. Buyer issue Irrevocable Corporate Purchase Order (ICPO), Company Registration and Identification.
2. Seller issue Sales and Purchase Agreement (SPA). Buyer signs and returns SPA.
3. Seller lodges contract with the Ministry of Energy, upon successful endorsement of contract, Seller issues full Proof of Product
(POP) to Buyer to include the following:
A. Copy of license to export issued by the Department of the Ministry of Energy
B. Copy of approval to export issued by the Department of Ministry of Justice
C. Copy of statement of availability of the product.
D. Copy of the refinery commitment to produce the product.
E. Copy of contract to transport the product to port.
F. Copy of the port storage agreement
G. Copy of the charter party agreements to transport the product to the discharge port.
H. Tank Storage Receipt (TSR).
I. Q&Q by Current SGS report.

4. Buyer's bank issues operative Letter of Credit OR Acceptable instrument of payment (DLC MT700 /SBLC MT760).
5. Seller issues 2% Performance Bond (PB).
6. Upon completion and verification of all documents shipment Commences.
7. On getting to Buyer's port of discharge, the Buyer's nominated CIQ inspection agent to perform the
Quality and Quantity tests goes on board the loaded cargo.
8. Within 7 banking days after CIQ/Q&Q Report have been released to both parties, Buyer pays the total cost of product upon Seller having submitted full shipping documents along with Commercial Invoice and CIQ/Q&Q Reports via MT103 to Sellers bank account.
9. Buyer pay all Commissions via MT103/TT WIRE TRANSFER to all intermediates.
10. After the seller Upon receipt of SBLC via MT760 from the buyer, the seller has to do the followings required to follow:
۰卖۰给购۰买۰开设 ʦܣʦ销ܣMT760 2%约

10.1. Upon receipt of SBLC via MT760 from the buyer, the seller has to do following:
卖۰买۰开 MT760 备证 SBLC 卖۰应该条γ
a. Has to provide complete shipping documents PPOP within 7 banking days.
7 个内务 PPOP
b. An application for license to enter port has to be submitted to customs under the name of the goods receiver designated by the buyer 3 days before the sellers vessel arrive at the port of destination.
卖۰货 3 买۰货٣称给关递请单
c. Sellers vessels has to arrive at the port of destination within 15 days.
۰货须 15

Please send SCO by email: jennywong668@yahoo.com /thanks

 Contact Information
Name   Mr. Ivan Nikitin 
Company   Member : ROCK TANK 
Email   Log In to See Email 
Tel   89256071799 
Fax   89266121250423 
Mobile   89256071799 

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