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Spot Jet A1 2023-12-01
Hi everyone,

We are looking for Jet A1 on behalf of airline,

The procedures are as follows:

1. We receive an offer from End Seller.
2. We send ICPO.
3. After ICPO, the same day, we need full POP to be sure that we are dealing with the End Seller.
4. After we receive the Full POP, the Money will be paid via MT103 TT transfer immediately after the product is loaded.

We can increase Jet A1 4 millions barrels as Spot for Fujariah. After we finalize successfully the first transaction, we will have monthly requests.

The delivery will be Tank to Tank(if the product is in Rotterdam) or Tank to Ship / Ship to Ship(if not in Rotterdam). It's very important for us to deal with the End Seller.

Please offer through our bidding system.



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