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Diesel EN590--Ultra low sulfur Diesel 10PPM 2018-04-07

Attn : Ms Jenny

In response to your ad on Petrofinder website. We have been in business for the past 20 years. Our Head office in Texas USA, we also have office in India and Egypt.
We deal in the following products and supply in bulk quantity :

2) EN - 590 Eurodiesel
3) JP54
4) D6

If you have a genuine Buyer then we need an LOI to go further. Then we can send you an SCO.
We would like to build a strong business relationship with you in near future on a long term basis.


Sohail kazmi
Business Development Manager
19200 W.Little York Suite 104
Katy Texas 77449 USA
Tel: 001 210 639 3965
Email : smrraza960@gmail.com
Email : Sohail@utccusa.com
Website : www.utccusa.com

>> Ms. Jenny Wong, Golden Miles RE Pty Ltd

Diesel EN590--Ultra low sulfur Diesel 10PPM

Dear Sir /Madam,
Reliable buyer looking for reliable supplier for below products, only seller or seller mandate with seller letterhead in SCO and terms and conditions meet the buyer request will respond.
Thanks for your attention,SCO forward to jennywong668@yahoo.com
communication only by email
Golden Miles

Diesel EN590
200.000 MT x12 CIF Lan Shan, China
Ultra Low Sulfur Diesel 10 PPM
200.000 MT x12 CIF Lan Shan, China
Diesel EN590
50.000 MT x12 CIF Hamriyah, UAE
Ultra Low Sulfur Diesel 10 PPM
50.000 MT CIF Hamriyah, UAE
Diesel D2
100.000 MT x12 CIF Lan Shan, China
Mazut M100
300.000 MT x12 CIF Lan Shan, China
Aviation Kerosene


1. The Buyer issues Purchasing Order with Company Profile and buyer scanned Intl . passport copy.

2. The Seller issues draft contract(SPA)open for amendment Along with seller CERTIFICATE OF INCORPORATION

3. Both parties endorse the Draft"SPA" Seller registers and legalizes the contract with the appropriate Authorities.

4.the seller provides notarized contracts and some POP files via E-mail and fedex(The buyer is responsible for fedex charges.)

A. Copy of License certificate

B. Copy of Statement of Availability of the product.

C. Copy of the Refinery Commitment to Produce the Product.

D. Certificate of Origin.


4. Buyer issues a letter of advance letter of credit notification through SWIFT (MT 799)

5. Within 3 working days after receipt of this notice, the seller’s bank will open a letter of credit of 2% with the buyer as beneficiary, and the bank’s performance guarantee will not be effective for the time being.

6. Within 7 working days, the buyer shall issue the DLC MT700 to activate the seller 2% performance guarantee (PB). The seller shall provide the full set of POP documents to the buyer within 7 working days after receipt of the documentary credit:

A.Copy of License to Export, Issued by the Department of the Ministry of Energy.

B. Copy of Approval to Export, Issued by the Department of the Ministry of Justice.

C. Copy of Statement of Availability of the Product.

D. Copy of the Refinery Commitment to Produce the Product.

E. Copy of the Transnet Contract to Transport the Product to the Port.

F. Copy of the Port Storage Agreement.

G. Copy of the Charter Party Agreement(S) To Transport the Product to Discharge Port.

H. Dip test Authorization, Tank receipt and SGS report.

I. Copy of Vessel Questionnaire 88

J. Copy of Bill of Lading.

K. Certificate of Origin.

L. Allocation Transaction Passport Code Certificate [ATPCC]

M. The customs formalities and also test report

N. Marine Insurance Policy

O. Cargo Manifest (original).

P. Certificate of Ownership Transfer


7. Shipment commences and once vessel gets to buyers discharge port, buyers performs quality and quantity tests

8. Upon successful confirmations of buyers Q& Q on the products, buyer releases the SLBC in sellers Bank and pay seller through MT 103/TT.
9. Seller pays all the intermediaries(seller buyers side)in the transaction their commissions within 72 hours after receiving full payment of the products from buyer through MT103/TT

 Contact Information
Name     Sohail kazmi 
Company   Ultimate Traders Choice Company 
Email   Log In to See Email 
   Inquire Now 
Tel   12106393965 
Mobile   12106393965 
Web   www.utccusa.com 

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