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  Aviation Oil Read  
Sell :: 350
Buy :: 118
News :: 13
Count : 168
A1/D2/D6 FOB Rotterdam/Houston 2017-12-08
Email me at petroleumproductsdirect@gmail.com to receive more information.

Non-Negotiable Procedure:

1) Buyer provides ICPO, company registration certificate and Scanned Passport Copy of CEO.
2) Seller issues CI for buyer’s review and countersigning.
3) Upon receipt of Countersigned CI from buyer, Buyer submits their Tank Storage Agreement (TSA) document with a minimum lease of 5 days to seller for verification.
4) Upon final approval of buyer's Tank Storage Agreement (TSA) by seller, Buyer issues a confirmation letter on buyer's letterhead (to be notarized by buyer's country public notary) confirming their readiness to proceed with their nominated tank farm facility to commence registration of Tank Storage Agreement (TSA) with the Ministry of Industry and Trade, Russian Federation.
5). Buyer contact their tank farm to secure the invoice copy for seller to pay for two (2) days and buyer within 72 hours should pay for rest of the days stipulated in their Tank Storage Agreement (TSA).
6) Upon confirmation of payment from buyer/seller side by buyer's nominated tank farm, Seller issues the following Proof of Product documents to buyer.
• Product Passport
• Commitment to Supply
• Certificate of Origin
• Statem ent of Product Availa bility
• Letter of Affirmation
• Affidavit issued by the ministry of justice.
• Authority to Sell.
• Injection report
• Tank Storage Receipt
• Society General De Surveillance (SGS)
7) Buyer provides Seller with their Tank Storage Receipt (TSR) from tank farm and Authorization to verify (ATV).
8) Seller issues to buyer the Dip Test Authorization (DTA) document.
9) Upon successful Dip Test, buyer makes payment by MT103 or TT wire transfer for the total product available and seller change Title to buyer’s name.
10) Buyer lifts the product and Seller Pays all intermediaries involved in the Transaction
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Tel   9739100320 
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