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Sell :: 344
Buy :: 42
News :: 24
Count : 198
EN 590 available for sales 2023-11-29
Trial Shipment:200,000mts(+/-5%)
Price:$450USDgross/$440 USD net payment: MT103.


Contract Term:12 months minimum (with rolls and extensions)

Payments Term:
MT103, BG or SBLC via MT760.

POP:Provided as per documents list in contract Inspection by:SGS/CIQ

1.The Buyer issues an official ICPO containing the Sellerprocedure with banking details with
TSA and Company Certificate of Incorporation.

2.The Refinery verifies the Buyers ICPO with Company profile and issues Sales and Purchase Agreement and Seller Issues a Commercial Invoice of the product in tanks at the Port,the
Buyer and the Buyers Tank Farm Company Sgn and return CI to the Seller.

3.The Seller issues the below PPOP documents to the Buyers secured email for verification.

A.GPS Coordinate-Tank Storage Receipt(TSR)

B.Injection Report
C.Dp Test Authorization Letter (DTA)
D.Authorization to Sell and Collect
E.SGS Report
F.Authorization to verify the product in the SellersTank(ATV)

4.The Buyer inspects by SGS on the Buyers expenses and sends to the Seller TSR after receipt of successful Dip Test report is received.

5.Seller issues the following documents to alI intermediaries and the Buyer endorsed NCNDA/IMFPA.

6.Upon successful Dip Test in tanks,product will immediately be injected into

7.The Buyer makes Payment for the product via MT103 in exchange for title

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Name   Mr. Capital Financia 
Company   Member : Capital Financial 
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