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LPG from real seller 2011-06-14
Good Evening Mr. Ciocoi,

We found your posting of LPG at the Petrofinder link. We are a commodity trading company with main office based in Manila, Philippines. We mainly handle LPG, GasOil, Mazut & Steam Coal.

KIndly send us an SCO for 50:50 mixture Propane:Butane LPG in bulk. 25,000MT x 12 months. In CIF-Shanghai port, China.

Please send your reply to: goldorchard27@gmail.com

We'll be glad to hear from you soon. Thanks.

Shakespeare T. Ang
Managing Director

>> Mr. Costel Ciocoi, West Capital Lending Inc

LPG from real seller

Quantity: Minimum 100, 000mt, Maximum 1, 000,000mt CIF PRICE: $450 GROSS / $410 NET
FOB PRICE: $440 GROSS / $430 NET

1.Buyer issues an ICPO, LOI with right to soft probe, alongside with the NCNDA¬MFPA for all the parties involved.

2.REFINERY countersign and verify all Documentations before issuing the FULL CORPORATE OFFER.
3. Buyer signs and returns FULL CORPORATE OFFER.
4.REFINERY issues draft contract initials on every page, signs and seals and send it to the Buyer for Buyer’s
signature and seal (with amendments if any).
5.Buyer counters sign and seals the draft contract and sends via email to the REFINERY.
6. REFINERY sends to the Final Approved Contract to Buyer via E-mail. 7.REFINERY sends copies of the following Partial proof of product documents to the buyer:
a. Affidavit
b. Passport of the Product
c. Refinery commitment to produce the product
d. Refinery Certificate of incorporation
e. Confirmation letter from the ministry of justice
8. Upon Confirmation of the Partial Proof of Product Documents, Buyer shall Swift Conditional MT1 03/23 for the total Charge of First Month Delivery to the REFINERY, as Proof of Fund.
9. Upon Confirmation of the Swift Conditional MT1 03/23 from the Buyer’s Bank, REFINERY shall send three (3) original
hard copies of the Registered Contract and the Confirmation of POP (Proof of Product) to the buyer via courier service.
10. Upon confirmation of the receipt of the Original Hard Copy Contract by the Buyer, REFINERY sends the Proof of
Product (POP) to Buyer, providing the following documents as POP (Proof Of products):
a. Copy of license to export, issued by the department of the ministry of energy.
b. Copy of approval to export, issued by the department of the ministry of justice.
c. Copy of statement of availability of the product.
d. Copy of the Refinery commitment to produce the product.
e. Copy of the contract to transport the product to the loading port.
f. Refinery Certificate of Product
g. Copy of the port storage agreement
h. Copy of the charter party agreement(s) to transport the product to

i. discharge port.
j. SGS report of the product available for lifting immediately.
k. Tanks Receipts of the product available for lifting immediately (or Bill of Lading)
1 1. REFINERY Bank shall notify the Buyer’s bank that they are willing and ready to issue a non-operative 2% performance bond (PB) to Buyer’s bank. The 2% PB will be placed in Buyer’s Bank account, should the REFINERY
fail to supply the cargo of the products, this 2% PB will be paid to the Buyer and intermediaries accordingly as compensation.
12. The Buyer issues the Payment Instrument (DLC) for the monthly cargo value within
7 (seven) banking days after receipt and verification of the Full POP (proof of Product) from REFINERY.
13. Within 11 (eleven) working days REFINERY will send Buyer invitation to Russia (Moscow) to view the allocation.
14. Delivery commences as per contract and the shipment should arrive at Buyer’s discharge port within 25-30 days after the DLC have been received by REFINERY bank.
Please serious end buyers or mandate e-mail us at; primestargroup@gmail.com

 Contact Information
Name   Shakespeare T. Ang 
Company   Member : San Dominico Minerals & Industrial Corporation 
Email   Log In to See Email 
   Inquire Now 
Tel   +6327102898 
Fax   +6325849024 
Mobile   +639189032081 

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