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  Are you a financial consultant or business owner ?
Easy Finance Group Limited will approve your business loan
within 7 banking days. Contact us now !
PHONE:+852 5803 8014

Easy Finance Group Limited, Hong Kong is an international financing company that is duly registered and fully recognized by the Hong Kong government. We have both the comprehensive suite of credit and financing solutions and the specialized expertise to meet your business or industry specific needs.

As a business owner, a construction company, estate development company, import and export company etc there are times when you needs extra Finance (BG/SBLC, Cash Loan for business/project). Our working capital lines of credit can help them take their business up a notch by bridging the gap between the tasks they need to do and the cash flow they need to get them done.

We offer a worldwide lending platform to provide flexible credit facilities to individuals and companies having moderate revenues. We service a board range of industries in the manufacturing, wholesale, retail , and service sectors.

Easy Finance financial experts have been providing financing for the acquisition or refinance of stabilized and transitional businesses and portfolios across North America, South America, Europe and Asia.

We are committed to fostering long term relationships with our borrowers, brokers, and investors and offer a range of products to meet your financing needs through providing long-lasting financial solutions that help companies thrive and grow.

At Easy Finance we’re not just bankers, we are builders. We provide smart financing and the know-how of Easy Finance to help our customers’ capital go further and do more. Your company is building something and we get that. What you are building takes money, but it may also need knowledge and expertise. This is where we come in.

Easy Finance is an extension of Easy Finance’s rich heritage of building and supporting growth. Investing in the sectors we know best, we can provide more than just financing, We bring insight, knowledge and expertise to every loan. And as a result, businesses that finance with Easy Finance benefit from the global know-how and expertise of Easy Finance. Around the world, we are helping our customers to invent more, to make more, to sell more and to do it all with greater efficiency. We’re helping companies in ways that no other bank can.

Our Business Loan ranges from 1Million Usd/Euro/HKD to 1Billion Usd/Euro/HKD

Visit our website now to chat live with one of our international customer representative for more information.

We are Fidelity... We keep our word.

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