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 Canadian Digital Oilfields 2021 2021-06-02

  July 22-23, 2021
Carriage House Hotel
Calgary, Alberta

The premier forum for oilfield digitalization across North America
Welcome to the Canadian Digital Oilfields 2021 Exhibition and Conference where oilfield operators and service companies will meet with key technology partners in Calgary, Alberta to explore innovative technologies and digital solutions for the oil and gas industry.

As the digital transformation expands its reach across the industry, operators are looking for new ways to navigate through a post-pandemic world and embrace the digital oilfield age for more efficient and cost-effective operations and in order to remain profitable in a low-price market. While digitalization has reduced overall OpEx and CapEx costs and helped operators to survive the downturns, the industry now faces new challenges along its digital transformation journey.

The digital oilfield is offering the operators the opportunity to use the information they have at their fingertips to uncover efficiencies at a rapid pace - allowing them to better monitor their operations and improve business performance. The Canadian Digital Oilfields 2021 conference is set to become the regions leading exhibition and conference exclusively for oilfield operators and technology providers to present new digital solutions for the industry.

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