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 4th European Conference Biomass PowerON 2022-03-25

  28-29 September in Hamburg, Germany

4th European Conference Biomass PowerON taking place on 28-29 September in Hamburg, Germany will discuss aspects of
using biomass in residential heating and power generation, but also role of bioenergy in decarbonisation.
Join industry leaders like Kohlbach, Engie, RWE Generation, Uniper, SUEZ Trading, KWA Contracting and others to hear on
latest news, regulations, case studies.

Get a chance to network and make businesses. Key topics include:
• Biomass economics and financing
• Sustainability and certification
• Impact of COVID-19 on biomass markets
• Pellet and biomass markets outlook
• Role of biomass in EU Green Deal and Dit for 55 package
• Biomass and pellet trading
• Pricing and risk management
• Recent developments in CHP plants - case studies
• Wood chips, waste wood, pellets - port operations management
• Safety issues in storage and transport
• Pellets and biomass in residential heating and power generation
• Role of biomass in fuels mix
• Role of seaports in import and export of biomass
• Agro biomass and it's rising role in decarbonisation process
• Overseas sourcing of biomass - the future of energy generation in Europe
• Significance of seaports in developing biomass supply chains
• Ports as dry bulk storages and places for handling biomass

For detailed information and registration check our website

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