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Featured AD/PR List                                                                Views : 1366

 European Conference CO2 Capture, Storage & Reuse 2022 2022-03-25

  17-18 May in Copenhagen, Denmark

European Conference CO2 Capture, Storage & Reuse 2022 taking place on 17-18 May in Copenhagen, Denmark will touch upon
CO2 capturing technology as a pathway to more sustainable future. Also we will discuss capturing and transforming CO2 in
everyday use products e.g. fuels, chemicals.

Join industry leaders like Advansor, Pentair, Ammongas, Airco Process Technology, Giammarco- Vetrocoke, COWI, Sumitomo,
Babcock & Wilcox and many others.

Key topics include:
• National policies and latest European regulations
• Fit for 55 package and its influence on the technology development
• Carbon capture projects financing
• Latest CCS projects updates – case studies
• Reusing CO2 for fuels, chemicals & building materials production
• Commercialisation of carbon capture technologies – opportunities and challenges
• Monitoring technologies developments – increasing storage safety
• Latest improvements in carbon capture, storage and utilization technologies
• Transportation solutions, compression, handling & distribution
• Impact of CCS on reaching climate protection goals

For more details and registration check our website

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