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 3rd European Conference Hydrogen & P2X 2022 2022-03-25

  15-16 June in Copenhagen, Denmark

3rd European Conference Hydrogen & P2X 2022 taking place on 15-16 June in Copenhagen, Denmark will discuss how necessity
to reduce CO2 emission in power generation, mobility, and heat energy markets opens ways for the green transition based
on Hydrogen and Power2X. With many hydrogen and p2x projects underway and many still in planning phase across Europe the
industry will meet 15- 16 June in Copenhagen to discuss how to create a sustainable clean energy system.

Key topics include:
• European and world markets outlook
• Market developments in global perspective
• Policy and regulatory framework
• Financing and investing strategies
• Hydrogen and P2X economics
• Technological advancements
• Storage improvements and safety issues
• Symbiosis of P2X and other industry sectors
• Actual case studies
• Heavy Duty Transport applications
• P2X and hydrogen for greener transport
• Fit for 55 package and its impact on the industry
• Green hydrogen in the gas grid
• Commercialization - growth challenges

Join us and meet industry leaders like Ramboll, Green Hydrogen Systems, Topsoe, SCADA International, Ballard,
Endress+Hauser, NIRAS, DynElectro, COWI, AFRY, DNV, Syft and many others.

For more details and registration check our website

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