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 REFRAC WELLS 2022 Exhibition & Conference 2022-05-02

  June 13 - 14, 2022
Houston, Texas, USA

Welcome to the North American REFRAC WELLS 2022 Exhibition & Conference where shale operators and upstream service
companies will meet with refracturing experts and technology providers in Houston to share the latest results and
explore new methods for refracturing wells.

The key focus for this years conference will be sharing results for a shale revolution and the objective will be to
bring shale operators and service companies together with leading industry experts, including new technology providers,
government representatives, and policy think-tanks to collaborate and examine new refracturing opportunities and to
address the key challenges in reviving shale wells across North America.

Key topics on this years agenda include:

Making an economic assessment for refracturing low-producing wells
Developing a well selection criteria and identifying suitable wells to refracture
How to de-risk refracturing projects from initial investment through to completions
Looking at cost reduction strategies for operations in a low-price environment
New technologies and technical know-how for a successful refracture
Operational case studies and post-refracturing diagnostics data

This exhibition and conference will provide a forum for all stakeholders from shale operators and upstream service
providers to leading industry experts and drilling technology companies, to network and build cross-market relationships
and to discuss the latest results in shale refracturing initiatives for the North American shale sector.

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