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 6th Annual LNG Summit USA 2022-07-01

  21-22 September 2022 | Houston, Texas
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The 6th Edition of Wisdom's Much Acclaimed Annual LNG Summit Will Be Held Live in Houston - PREPARING THE INDUSTRY FOR

Wisdom has announced its 6th Annual LNG Summit USA to be held on 21 and 22 September 2022 in Houston, Texas that will
bring the entire LNG value chain under one roof.
The global LNG market has progressively transformed in the past few decades—quadrupling in size, doubling its share of
global natural gas trade, and emerging as one of the fastest growing segments in the energy industry.

Global LNG demand has hit record highs mainly due to its surging demand, and the USA is set to be the biggest supplier
of LNG in the world. The rising U.S. LNG exports have steadily met the demand for LNG, which have reached new records
and are poised to continue in 2022.

The 6th edition of Wisdom's very successful and renowned Annual LNG Summit will explore how the USA is planning to meet
the increasing demand for LNG in key markets with a focus on the crucial role of technology to increase production
capacity. The event will also discuss the commercialisation and technological developments impacting the entire US LNG
value chain.

The summit will invite senior industry representatives from leading organisations who will share their insights, expert
opinions, innovations, and experience, helping attendees gain a deeper understanding of the current US LNG market.

The event will feature practical sessions, excellent networking opportunities, hard-hitting presentations and inspiring
panel discussions from movers and shakers of the LNG supply chain and leading experts and stakeholders from the energy,
gas, and maritime industries. It will also feature an exclusive awards night on 21 September 2022 to honour the greatest
innovations and breakthroughs.

The two-day summit will count on 6 advisory members and a power-packed panel of 30+ distinguished speakers from leading
global industries such as American Gas Association, LNG Central, Texas LNG, Alder Midstream, ConocoPhillips, ENESTAS,
Osaka Gas, EIC (Energy Industries Council) and many more.

The event is integral in connecting industry-leading LNG and gas buyers and sellers worldwide whilst facilitating
thought-provoking conversations that drive the energy industry forward.

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