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 The 8th Mozambique Gas & Energy Summit & Exhibition 2023 2022-10-16

  27 - 28 September 2023,
oaquim Chissano International Conference Center in Maputo

The 8th Mozambique Gas & Energy Summit & Exhibition will take place in person on 27 - 28 September 2023 at the Joaquim
Chissano International Conference Center in Maputo, convening national and international energy industry leaders to
discuss policies, project developments and the energy transition with the Government of Mozambique, IOCs, NOCs and SMEs.

The event promotes the development of local content, with an international, high visibility conference and exhibition
that enhances the development of SMEs and entrepreneurship in the country as well as serving as a platform to share
updates on policy and regulation and information on financial support opportunities available for start-ups in

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