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 East Africa LPG Expo – Tanzania 2023 2022-10-20

  15 - 16 Mar 2023
Johari Rotana,
Dar es Salaam

LPG consumption in Tanzania has soared substantially in recent years. Imports by LPG marketing companies rose by 12.9%,
from 107,083 tonnes in 2016/17 to 120,961 tonnes in 2017/18. Moreover, imports jumped by 20% the next year to 145,800
tonnes before seeing a tremendous 30% surge to 190,248 tonnes in the 2019/20 fiscal year. This consistent growth can be
ascribed to the ongoing awareness campaigns that progressively urged individuals to transition from traditional cooking
energy to LPG for clean cooking.

With Tanzanias LPG consumption steadily growing, investment in the sector has become notable as various investors from
the value chain are jumping into the industry. Tanzanias LPG market is evidently poised for success as it sets a
precedent in bringing new investments in the oil and gas sector.

Attend East Africa LPG Expo – Tanzania 2023 to leverage opportunities in Tanzania. Showcase your latest products and
services. Learn from government officials and experts from the industry who will share with you their perspective on the
long-term growth potential for LPG in Tanzania, as well as on how they intend to harness these opportunities.

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