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 The Maritime Industry Welcomes the 7th Green Shipping Summit 2022-12-03

  February 15-16, Rotterdam

2023s edition will focus on integrating key strategies and technologies with a long-term decarbonisation vision.

On February 15 and 16, the city of Rotterdam, the Netherlands, will host the 7th Green Shipping Summit and bring the
maritime community together to push forward the industry for a sustainable and carbon-neutral future.

The event will provide a holistic insight into what lies ahead in maritime supply chain operations and interconnections
between its players, along with a spotlight on embracing, adopting, and deploying existing and upcoming solutions, fuel
alternatives, and technologies with practical and realistic planning.

Key Topics

• New fuels to decarbonise the shipping industry
• Insurers committed to supporting the cutting of CO2 emissions from shipping
• Maritime Organization (IMO) forecasts
• What keeps maritime leaders up at night: addressing the key sustainability challenges the shipping industry is facing
• Sailing towards zero-emission shipping
• Shaping a sustainable energy future: a greener, more resilient and inclusive energy system
• From necessity to norm: the next big revolution
• The future port landscape: demographic, technological, and sustainability drivers
• Get returns right: leveraging smart shipping solutions

The 7th Green Shipping Summit will host an exclusive Awards Night on 15 February to recognise and honour some of the
greatest innovations and breakthroughs in the maritime sector.

The full agenda and further information are available at gssummit.org.

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