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 Global Alternative Fuels Congress 2023 2023-01-16

  Abu Dhabi 1&2 March 2023


The event will focus on both, biofuels production as well as include the traditional refineries representatives,
discussing refinery upgrades with new investments schemes and products, blending strategies and cutting edge
technologies. It will provide a fantastic platform for the showcase of major sustainable projects within the region and
further afield, discussing most prominent success stories as well as practical challenges. Join us to meet with senior
industry representatives to gain knowledge and share new business strategies!
Complying with major regulatory mandates, searching for new feedstocks, decarbonizing further down the supply chain,
certification assets and big national targets while continuing and growing the business flow, will consist of the very
center of the meeting.


There is no doubt that we are living in revolutionary times within the energy and fuels demand areas, and the Middle
East is no different to them. Global Alternative Fuels Congress aims to bring together major industry representatives,
such us Alternative Fuels Producers, Traditional Oil & Gas Companies, Petrochemical Producers, Investors and Industry
Stakeholders, Suppliers, Technology Companies, Certification and Government Bodies to discuss major opportunities and
challenges for the region and further afield. It will link together major ME players with worldwide experts to cross
share their production strategies plans, already implemented technologies, production upgrades and innovations, to bring
the fuels markets to the new decarbonisation era.

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