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 Onshore Wellsite Facilities Congress 2023-07-12

  September 26-28, 2023,
Live In Houston & Online, TX

Unveiling the Future of Onshore Facilities Emissions Reduction

As regulations impacting the onshore oil and gas industry become more stringent, it is no surprise that emissions
reduction and leak detection are the driving themes for this year's onshore facility engineering conference. Our primary
focus will be to help onshore operators minimize the cost of complying with these new regulations, while contributing to
the efficiency of the onshore facility and well site operation.

Day One focuses on methane emissions reduction strategies and electrification; starting with a broader focus on methane
capture strategies, including eliminating gas pneumatic controllers and examining the latest technologies to replace
them, including electric alternatives.

Day Two centers around solutions for leak detection and carbon capture emissions reduction whilst Day Three is dedicated
to optimizing facility costs; by managing raw materials, inflation, equipment reuse, downsizing, and metering
strategies, while also incorporating automation to increase efficiency. Day Three also focuses on finding cost-effective
solutions while incorporating the latest advancements in technology and design. Pipeline technologies, facility design,
and construction techniques – attend this event to hear the latest innovations in these areas.

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