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 Ethylene Middle East Technology Conference (EMET) 2023-09-07

  17 - 18 October 2023,
Grand Hyatt Al Khobar,
Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

The Ethylene Middle East Technology Conference (EMET), is the event for professionals looking to develop their technical
knowledge and optimize their position in the fast-evolving Ethylene Industry by increased operational efficiency,
sustainability and excellence.

Held from the 17-18 October 2023, EMET invites technical experts from all over the world to share practical experiences,
innovative ideas and strategies for reducing costs, maximizing return and creating value on issues related to planning,
design, operation and maintenance.

2023 Theme: "Innovating Ethylene Technology for a Sustainable Future: Leveraging Digitalization and Emerging Trends"

This theme encompasses the focus on innovation in ethylene technology while highlighting the importance of
sustainability. It emphasizes the use of digitalization and emerging trends to drive advancements in ethylene production
processes, ensuring a more sustainable and efficient future for the industry.

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