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 Onshore Wellsite Automation Congress 2023-11-16

  January 30 - February 1, 2024
Norris Conference Center, Houston/City Center

For onshore oil and gas enterprises, the pursuit of substantial returns from wellsite automation investments hinges on a
crucial factor: mastering the art of data utilization. Much like a conductor harmonizing a symphony, your data sources
possess the potential to amplify strategies, yet they often operate disjointedly.

The 2024 Onshore Wellsite Automation Congress theme paints a vivid picture of a world where divergent data sources
converge to illuminate insights and optimize decisions. Our central focus centers on unlocking the latent power within
diverse data sets, transforming it into actionable intelligence. From optimizing digital workflows to seamlessly
integrating hardware and software, effective data utilization is interwoven into the entire three-day agenda.

Held in Houston as a live conference and exhibition on January 30, Janury 31 and February 1, 2024, senior automation VPs
and operational EVPs who oversee technology implementation and their teams should attend to stay abreast of the latest
technological applications and operational implementations for wellsite automation, as well as the almost weekly influx
of new innovations.

With numerous companies diving into further expanding automation, some pushing the boundaries by automating wellhead
operations, optimizing well pad valves, and exploring the potential of downhole devices to extend mature well
productivity and others delving into the realm of land-based robotics, seeking to replace human tasks with automated
precision, this Congress has a lot of new ground to cover.

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