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 Middle East Process Engineering Conference and Exhibition(MEPEC) 2023-12-09

  6-8 May 2024,
Dhahran, KSA

MEPEC is the definitive event in the Middle East for process engineering, offering a platform for leaders to engage with
the dynamic challenges and promising opportunities within the field. Designed to be a forum for the exchange of
cutting-edge ideas, technologies, and the sharing of experiences and best practices among peers, it's a driving force
toward a more efficient, secure, and prosperous process engineering industry. Additionally, it serves as a crucial
junction where industry connects with academic institutions and research and development centers, fostering
collaboration under a single roof. With a core focus on pivotal industries, such as oil, gas, petrochemicals, and
utilities, MEPEC is at the forefront of shaping the future of process engineering.

Visit www.mepec.org for more information.

Conference Chairman: Walid Al Naeem, Vice President & Chief Engineer, Aramco
Advisory Committee Chair: Wail A. Al Jaafari, Executive Vice President Technical Services, Aramco
Advisory Committee Co-Chair: Dr. Darlene Schuster, Executive Director & CEO, American Institute of Chemical Engineers

View the Committee members here https://www.mepec.org/2024-committee-members

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