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 Direct Lithium Extraction Summit 2024-01-07

  June 18 - 19. 2024 / Uxbridge. UK

Welcome to the Direct Lithium Extraction Summit 2024, where ingenuity converges
with sustainability at the forefront of lithium production innovation! This summit serves as a nexus for
forward-thinking experts and industry pioneers dedicated to charting the course for the future of large-scale lithium
extraction. Join us for a transformative exploration of cutting- edge technologies, sustainable practices, and
collaborative solutions shaping the landscape of the lithium industry.

The Direct Lithium Extraction Summit 2024 is born out of a shared dedication to revolutionise the landscape of
large-scale lithium production. In the era of advancing extraction technologies, we nd ourselves on the cusp of a
transformative shift towards sustainable and ef cient lithium extraction methods. This summit is our proactive response to the critical need for a collaborative platform, bringing together visionaries, industry leaders, researchers, and stakeholders to delve into, discuss, and push the boundaries of direct lithium extraction.

Save the date for June 18-19 in UK, where we assemble leaders from across the industry with a collective goal — steering
the transition towards creating a more resilient and abundant lithium supply chain for future generations. Be part of
this pivotal gathering as we collectively shape the future of large-scale lithium production.

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