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 Asia Sustainable Plastics Summit 2024 2024-01-25

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Date: April 18-19,2024
Place: Singapore

Sustainable Plastics Summit 2024 will bring you a wonderful event and we look forward to your participation!

According to data from the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP), the world can produce 619 million tonnes of
plastics annually in 2030, but two thirds of these plastic products are for short-term use and will soon become waste,
resulting in the global production of about 400 million tonnes of plastic waste annually. The characteristics of
conventional plastic, being difficult to recycle and degrade, make it difficult to form a closed economic loop and
realise circular development, which is not only a serious violation of the concept of global sustainable development,
but also a threat to the living environment of human beings. As the Asia-Pacific region plays a central role in global
plastic production and consumption, the development of sustainable plastics in the Asia-Pacific region is urgent, and
integrating it into the global green, low-carbon and sustainable development charter is a common challenge and goal
faced by all industries.

By providing a dynamic and inclusive space for discussion, the Asia Sustainable Plastics Summit 2024 will serve as a
premier platform for industry stakeholders to converge, exchange the latest advancements, challenges, and opportunities
in sustainable plastics, and to foster collaboration and innovation, jointly exploring viable pathways that balance
economic growth and environmental responsibility of plastics to ensure a thriving and resilient future for generations
to come.

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