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Once after the succeful completion of bidding or trading, seller and buyer have to advise it to PETROFINDER immediately. PETROFINDER will inform sellers and buyers by email or fax upon the successful completion of bidding and trading. PETROFINDER will negociate the commission schedule and MFPA(Master Fee Protection Agreement) with buyer and seller.

Payment terms generally follow accoring to the commission schedule and MFPA(Master Fee Protection Agreement); but PETROFINDER will consider arrangements for monthly or calendar quarter payment by suppliers over the term of supply contracts.

If circumstances uncontrollable by seller or buyer result in a failure to close a satisfactory customer-supplier agreement for energy service or a negotiated agreement or ultimate service revenue for a lesser amount than the posted in bid, PETROFINDER will adjust invoices or rebate fees to seller or buyer to reflect final value. This will require presentation of reasonable justification and valid proof of circumstances and final value.

If you have any inquiry or question above the fee & commission policy, please email to master@petrofinder.com.

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