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5000 BTC (Bitcoin) for sale. Buyer moves all the time as first. Very strict conditions. 2022-11-21
Download the attached file : btc(bitcoin)_barbara.jpg
File Name   btc(bitcoin)_barbara.jpg
File Type   image/jpeg
File Size   90751 bites
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5000 BTC (Bitcoin) for sale. Buyer moves all the time as first. Very strict conditions.
This is a real BTC selling offer !!!
NOT flashing BTC !!!
Greetings to all Real Buyers Bitcoin (BTC)

My post is about:
Sales direct cryptocurrency Bitcoin (BTC) for currency: EUR or USD.
Privately (natural person, not a company), I am selling 5000 BTC (Bitcoin) obtained from legal investment activities.
The 5000 BTC (Bitcoin) are in two (2) wallets at Blockchain.com, which you can verify using the links below:



The 5000 BTC is owned by a seller (natural person), who needs to sell Bitcoin as it needs money to pursue other urgent investment projects.
- Minimum: 1 Bitcoin per single transaction
- Maximum: 500 Bitcoin per single transaction
- Seller accept Online (remotely via the Internet and eMail) transactions only and payments cashless via unconditional wire bank transfers (SWIFT or SEPA SCT).
Note: Not test Satoshi. Not test online A-B/B-A. Not Proof. Not video conference via WhatsApp, Skype. Not zoom/video call.

*** SPECIAL OFFER: When purchasing a minimum of 250 BTC at a time, the Buyer will receive a discount of -22% gross / -15% net.
Commission for Intermediaries: 7%.

*** Single transactions below 250 BTC:
Discount for Buyer: -12% gross / -7% net
Commission for Intermediaries: 5%.

Price per 1 BTC: to be confirmed from the daily exchange rate via https://www.blockchain.com/explorer/prices (at 09:00 CET) minus discount net

Form of payment:
1. By European bank wire transfer: SEPA (SCT) Iban to Iban - currency: EUR - only European Union
2. By International, unconditional bank wire transfer SWIFT (transfer mode: urgent or express) - currency: EUR, USD - the whole world.
Note: Not escrow. Not conditional payments.
In cryptocurrency trading, payment with escrow procedures and conditional payments does not apply as Bitcoin is sold by an individual, not a company.

Seller Procedure KYC is simple.
Step 1: The buyer places an order and delivers the CIS needed to conclude a Agreement purchase and sale Bitcoin.
Step 2: We sign via email a Agreement between us Seller and Buyer.
Step 3: The buyer send us a wire bank transfer (SWIFT or SEPA SCT) and once wire bank transfer it reaches the Seller bank account then we send to Buyer the Bitcoins with 30 minutes via wallet BTC.
Step 4. Upon confirmation of the Bitcoins sent to the wallet address provided by the buyer, buyer waits for 6 Blockchain confirmation before engaging on the second transaction.
Step 5. Commission to intermediaries with 24 hours (if they participate in the transaction) via wire bank transfer or via BTC wallet.
We repeat the same for the following single transaction.

Note: The Seller sell own Bitcoins in exactly the same way that he was buying Bitcoin from other sellers.
Buyer not receive Bitcoin if don't send payments in advance directly to the seller's bank account, because Bitcoins (BTC) are a virtual currency and they will be transferred from seller BTC wallet to buyer BTC wallet after only receiving the payment from the Buyer, because such rules apply to real cryptocurrency trading all over the world.
NB: Not face-to-face (F2F). Not TTM (F2F+B2B). Not escrow. No conditional payments.

Contact via email for procedure or enquiries. Do not contact us with buyer suggestions please. The seller procedure is set. The seller is professional and will not he accepted anything outside his procedure.

NB. I also have an attractive and real offers to sell very large quantities Bitcoin (100 btc-500k btc) from other's Sellers from Europe, that I can make available to a serious buyer only after selling my 5000 BTC.

If you are interested in buying Bitcoin (BTC) with procedures KYC or without KYC procedures (anonymously), write.
Contact me only via eMail in order to maintain the continuity of the message history between the Seller and Buyer.

eMail: bk-mailbox@proton.me

Best Regards
Barbara - Direct Seller BTC
Phone Mobile: +48 507290671
Note: I do not allow my post to be copied and distributed on the Internet by fake intermediaries - scammers..
The thief of someone else's posts is just a thief and scammer !
 Contact Information
Name   Mrs. Barbara K. 
Company   Member : private company  
Email   Log In to See Email 
Tel   +48 507290671 
Mobile   +48 507290671 

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