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For sale bitcoin Wallet to Wallet 2023-03-29

1. Upon both parties signing this contract the Seller and Buyer / Investor confirm they read and understood the procedure.(the purchase rate of the crypto currency is fixed at the moment the crypto currency is received on the Buyer's hardware wallet and does not change until the transaction is settled completely).
2. The Buyer shall provide USDT, ETHEREUM wallet address (POF). Seller shall provide BTC sending wallet address.
Both principals shall complete due diligence confirming available coins / assets. Upon successful completion of due diligence, the Parties shall comply fully with this Agreement. The 2 parties agree on a contract.
3. The Buyer shall provide a video of the USDT, ETHEREUM showing balance to purchase BTC.
4. Upon good receipt of the buyer's video by the seller, Seller will provide the video of the BTC wallet showing available amount of BTC ready to be sold.
5. Buyer shall confirm good receipt of the video and request to proceed. Seller shall issue invoice for first tranche along with seller's bank endorsed corporate refund / payment guarantee covering the buyer's COINS
6. The buyer shall immediately release payment for first tranche 10000 BTC via USDT (ERC20 or TRC20), ETHERUEM to the seller's wallet / account as provided in the seller's corporate invoice. The buyer shall provide confirmation to the seller.
7. Upon good receipt and confirmation of the above payment by the seller. The seller transfers BTC (from transactional wallet) to the bitcoin address provided by the buyer using the www.blockchain.com platform in accordance with the tranche schedule agreed by the Parties under an agreed contract between the Seller and the Buyer. Upon satisfaction by both parties, the buyer then continues to pay for the agreed upon tranche sizes as provided in the seller's corporate invoice.
8. The Buyer undertakes to ensure the sending by electronic transfer of the invoiced sums of USDT / ETHEREUM to the details specified in the seller's corporate invoice, immediately after the exchange of videos showing proof of assets.
9. The seller undertakes to transfer the specified Bitcoin amount to the buyer's wallet address, when the Buyer fulfils all obligations under this agreement and the agreed contract, on the transfer of funds according to the invoices specified.

 Contact Information
Name   Mr. Mohammed GASMALL 
Company   Member : Gasmexport llc 
Email   Log In to See Email 
Tel   +213-38-538387 
Mobile   +213  662535279 
Web   gasmexport.bloombiz.com 

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