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BTC (Bitcoin) sale. 2023-08-03
Download the attached file : konrad_btc.jpg
File Name   konrad_btc.jpg
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File Size   27054 bites
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The owner private company sells 1,500 BTC.

I am present a special offer for a real buyer who decides to buy all my 1,500 BTC at once (without tranches):

* the buyer will pay in advance only for 450 BTC (30%),
* seller sends buyer 1,500 BTC (100%) via wallet to wallet
* the buyer after receiving 1,500 BTC will pay the seller behind for 1,050 BTC (70%)
* intermediaries involved in the transaction will receive a commission in BTC after the transaction is completed.
Below is an offer to sell 1,500 BTC for buyers who want to buy BTC in smaller amounts or in tranches:

* Minimum per one single transaction: 1 BTC
* Maximum per one single transaction: up to 1,500 BTC
The Seller prefer single transactions value 25-100 BTC
Single transactions can be repeated if Bitcoins are available.
Building trust is about starting from small deals, not from wholesale transactions deals !

Note: The seller does not send Satoshi, because the seller BTC does not sponsor scammers and thieves who extort free tests (Satoshi or AB) under the pretext of buying more BTC.
Anyone real buyer (not intermediaries) who wants to test seller wallet BTC can buy minimum 0,5 BTC from seller for testing.

The 1,500 BTC sale offer applies to Bitcoins that were legally bought in 2016 for investment purposes, i.e. I bought cheap in order to sell more expensive now and earn on investment.

My 1,500 BTC are locateds is in two Private online wallets (with little movement) in Blockchain.com (485 BTC and 1,178 BTC) and are ready for immediate transaction.

The large discount for the buyer and a high commission for intermediaries is standard in cryptocurrency trading on the over-the-counter market, because the risk of buying BTC on the seller's terms must pay off for the buyer on a basis ''qui + pro + quo', because nothing is free in commerce.

Discount for the Buyer: -15% gross / -10% net
Commission for the Intermediarie: 5%
* Buyer side: 2,5% (open)
* Seller side: 2,5% (open)

To be confirmed from the daily exchange rate via https://www.blockchain.com/explorer/prices (at 09:00 CET) minus agreed discount net.

Buyer moves first.
The BTC is sent immediately to buyer after confirmation receiving of payment.

Payment for cryptocurrency BTC only in currency FIAT: EUR() or USD($) via unconditional International (SWIFT) or European (SEPA SCT) bank wire transfer directly buyer's bank account to the seller's bank account.

Step 1. Buyer will sends to seller LOI + CIS + Passport (buyer/company) or order form + CIS + Passport (buyer/natural person).
Step 2. Agreement SPA or Agreement Loan signed by both parties via email.
Step 3. Seller BTC issues an Invoice (applies only to buyer/company) and sends it to the buyer together with the signed Agreement SPA.
Step 4. Buyer first sends currency FIAT: EUR() or USD($) to sellers designated bank account and provides proof of payment to the seller to facilitate release of Bitcoin to Buyers wallet within max 45 minutes after receiving payment.
Step 5. Seller confirms receipt of funds and credits the buyers wallet with the equivalent amount in BTC. Buyer confirms receipt of the coins via Blockchain 6X confirmations and notifies all parties.
Step 6. Seller pays commissions Intermediaries (if they are involved in the transaction) .
Seller's procedures in cryptocurrency trading are standard and Are Non-negotiable.

* Not: Face-to-face (F2F), because payment must be made by bank wire transfer to the seller's account, because the seller does not accept payments in cash (banknotes).
* Not: TTM (F2F + B2B), because this type of transactions does not apply if the seller and the buyer do not have bank accounts in the same country and in the same bank branch.With two different banks, an International or European bank wire transfer takes 2-5 business days.
* Not Satoshi test and not test AB, because the seller BTC does not sponsor scammers and thieves who extort free tests (Satoshi or AB) under the pretext of buying more BTC.
Anyone who wants to test seller wallet BTC can buy minimum 0,5 BTC from seller for testing.
* Not Escrow procedures and not pay via MT103/72, because in cryptocurrency trading, banks around the world block transactions with escrow procedures above 15,000 euros, because banks do not agree to use escrow accounts for illegal transactions.The transfer amount above 15,000 euros behind cryptocurrencies is for banks an illegal money laundering transaction, which every real seller Bitcoin and every professional broker/intermediarie/agent knows.

Communication only via eMail:

Best Regards
Konrad / Seller BTC
 Contact Information
Name   Mr KONRAD . 
Company   Peer-to-Peer Investor (P2P) 
Email   Log In to See Email 
Tel   (+48) 452.580.305 
Mobile   (+48) 452.580.305 

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