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Receiver available ... 2023-08-16
Download the attached file : Direct Receiver Swift_Sepa_Btc(2).jpg
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(KYC or NONE KYC) ...


I am Direct Receiver - only direct cash wire transfer to account via:

* Wire Bank Transfer
* SWIFT (MT103) cash bank wire transfer
* SEPA (SCT) - European bank transfer (Iban to Iban)
No SWIFT (GPI). No SEPA (SDD). No server to server. No bank officer.. etc

Location my company/business and personal bank accounts:
Poland (European Union).

Receiving Bank accounts (EU) available:
* Citi Handlowy Bank SA (Group CitiBank)
* Santander Bank SA
* Nest Bank SA
* ING Bank Śląski SA

- All European bank accounts: company/business and individual/ personal.
- All bank accounts multi currency: EUR/USD/GBP/CHF/PLN, verified and active.
- No limit... No hassles... No problems...
- Can be utilized for receiving funds regardless of it's source & then re-distribute as per sender's instructions according to prior agreed on percentages.

* I am also the Genuine Receiver of crypto Bitcoin (BTC) and USDT Deals.
I have a verified and active wallets BTC/USDT/ETH in Blockchain.com

I am prefer business deal only directly - I'm not looking for intermediaries...
Note: If you are only an intermediary/mandate/broker then you need to prove that you have an real, feasible offer and and you are directly to the Sender, because broker/intermediarie/mandate chains are not acceptable.

I am provide a professional fast service and look forward to doing business with you.
I am a serious direct receiver and I want to find seroius and real partners for long-term cooperation !!!
For my part, I guarantee honesty, reliability and confidentiality !!!

Sorry, I do not use WhatsApp.
Offer with procedures (step by step) or draft Agreement DOA, please send by eMail:

Thanks & Regards
Georg L.
 Contact Information
Name   Mr. Georg L. 
Company   Member : georg-inbox@pm.me 
Email   Log In to See Email 
Tel   (0048) 507328324 
Mobile   (0048) 507328324 

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